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"Game of Thrones" + "Downton Abbey" = genius

Do we call this marvelous new ditty “Game of Downton” or “Abbey of Thrones”?

I just can’t wait til the celebrity death match between The Dowager Countess of Grantham and Cersei Lannister.

I’m putting my money on Maggie Smith, y’all.

Did you catch this on Deadspin a couple of weeks ago?

Two dogs interrupt a football match in Istanbul to act all adorable and do a bunch of dog things all over the pitch.

No, not those dog things.

Lovely music video from Philly folk singer Birdie Busch — “These Banks.

Here’s a cool music video from UK recording artist Sivu, “Better Man Than He.” It’s filmed inside an MRI machine. It really … uhm … let’s you get into his head.

Lucky dog. The last time I got an MRI, I had to lie perfectly still for fear of causing a general collapse of Western civilization. Must be nice for some people.

Words as images using only the letters of the word.


I’ve seen this many times and with each viewing, it’s more touching. This is a collection of outtakes from Inglourious Basterds (2009) that features actors and others on set looking to the camera and saying “Hi Sally” to Sally Menke, Quentin Tarantino’s longtime editor. 

Knowing that Menke would be sitting in a dark editing suite shaping endless amounts of footage, Tarantino thought this would be a nice way to make her smile and keep her motivated through what can be a solitary process. 

Sadly, in 2010 Sally Menke died, so Inglourious Basterds was their last collaboration.  And beyond the sweet sentiment, this set of outtakes gives us a little window into the intimate working relationship between Menke and Tarantino.

Tarantino has briefly talked about the emotional experience of working on Django Unchained (2012) without her, and said that during the entire editing process, there was a sign put up that read “WWSD” – What Would Sally Do?

A cautionary warning: This video contains some cursing…just a little…and it’s very funny.

- Heidi

Reminds me of Bob Garfield signing off each week’s On the Media with his “… and edited [pause] by Brooke.”

Thank your editor, people!

And tip your waitress.

If Downton Abbey were a video game…

Who doesn’t like an epic daredevil stunt video compilation every now and again? It’s fun to be amazed by the crazy stuff people will do in front of a camera.

Most of these seem believable enough, though there are a few conspicuous fakes — like the triple football catch (01:09) and Evan Longoria’s one-handed baseball catch (01:27), which was most likely a stunt for a sponsor (ah, viral marketing).

Undeniably, people are awesome, and capable of great things as this video reminds us.

Online home videos show happier times in Camden, N.J.

New Jersey’s most dangerous city recently tied its record for the most murders in one year when it recorded its 58th homicide on Nov. 2.

Home videos about Camden, N.J., now being posted online show a very different kind of city. Instead of depicting poverty and violence, they show idyllic scenes in Yorkship Village, part of the Fairview neighborhood from the 1950s and ’60s.

Michael Ruiz fondly remembers his childhood there and is posting the home videos his dad shot to give former residents and others a chance to see his old neighborhood.

Read more.

The Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau is rebranding the city. Look for a lot more PHL in the coming year.

There’s more on it at NewsWorks.

Does this video represent your Philly? Is it missing anything?