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At Philadelphia’s Diner en Blanc, 'je ne regrette rien'

Philadelphia food writer Lari Robling attended last night’s secretive — but not, I hasten to add, exclusive — Diner en Blanc, hosted for the first time in the City of Brotherly Love.

"Two months ago when a friend invited me to Diner en Blanc, a civilized picnicking flash mob that originated in Paris, it seemed like fun,” she writes. “It’s French! It’s serendipity! It’s chic!”

Flash forward to a few hours before the main event and serendipity has turned to doubt and retribution.

You can almost hear the relationships of the 1,300 people attending starting to crumble faster than the walls of the Bastille.

"Who’s going to carry the table and chairs?"

"What do mean you can’t find the perfect baguette?"

"No, beige is not white. No way."

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