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A junior from Neshaminy High School, in Langhorne, Pa., recreated Beyoncé’s “Countdown” video, shot for shot, scene by scene, and it’s gone viral, with about 1.5 million views (between both his original video and the subsequent “comparison” video above). 

WHYY’s Peter Crimmins tracked him down. His name is Ton Do-Nguyen, age 16.

"I never expected any of this," he said. "I only did it for fun, but all of a sudden all these views starting popping up. I’m still shocked by all the positivity for the video. I’m still so shocked. There’s so much love going around for the video."

And there’s more.

"There are some comments that hit me. People have been messaging me, like, ‘Oh, my god, you’re such an inspiration.’ I never expected that to happen. I was just doing what I like to do."

Should this kid bother finishing high school, or will someone just hire him right now?

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